While the Museum is focusing especially on the establishment story of the Ottoman Empire, it also narrates the history of Ottoman Empire with its characteristic features. The museum’s themes show parallelism with Bilecik Museum.



Considering the peculiar forms of the space, a multilayered approach were created in showrooms. Designed in harmonious with the Söğüt Museum, the historical period starting from the conquest of Istanbul to Republican Period is narrated in the museum through different media. The museum fills an important gap by developing a social history approach and a holistic approach to the history.


While the museum exhibition design is treated thematically and chronologically; the objects were rearranged by considering the criteria of materiality, solemnity and safety. The planned Museum Street served as a passage between the archaeology, etnography and mining sections. The designs including both interactive productions and installation techniques together are offering new experiences to the visitors.


The Museum established in Çanakkale Hamidiye Bastions approaches the pre and post years of World War I, which influenced the world dramatically, in historical continuity. Chronological and thematic telling is followed and it is enriched by the human narratives and individual experiences.