The Museum established in Çanakkale Hamidiye Bastions approaches the pre and post years of World War I, which influenced the world dramatically, in historical continuity. Chronological and thematic telling is followed and it is enriched by the human narratives and…


Seddülbahir Fortress and its surrounding space is transformed into a museum in order to protect the military and historical heritage in Gallipoli Historical Peninsula. The restoration works of Seddülbahir Fortress, which has a very important role with regards to the…


While the museum exhibition design is treated thematically and chronologically; the objects were rearranged by considering the criteria of materiality, solemnity and safety. The planned Museum Street served as a passage between the archaeology, etnography and mining sections. The designs…

Anadolu’da Bir Bizans Kenti: Amorium Sergisi

Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Bizans Çalışmaları Araştırma Merkezi bünyeside hazırlanan Anadolu’da bir Bizans kenti; Amaorium Sergisi, İstanbul’da Boğaziçi Üniversitesi kampüsü içinde yer alan Bizans çalışmaları araştırma merkezi binasında izleyicilere sunuldu.

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